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Solar power a smart choice for energy savings

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Solar energy isn’t just the way of the future, I truly believe it’s what we as homeowners should all be striving for today. Not only is harnessing renewable resources to power our homes a smart way to combat rising energy costs, but it also removes our reliance on non-renewable resources. My daughter, Sherry, is due to have her first child this year, and I want this planet to be around for my new granddaughter for a long time.

Paired with a well-sealed, energy-efficient home, solar panels can harness more energy than you need to power your home. Some municipalities even offer a buyback program for solar energy, where you can sell back your extra power for a credit. Solar panels have a big upfront cost, but will pay off in the long run. I understand that it’s not realistic for everyone to be able to make the switch today. As more of us start to adopt the technology, we should see solar panels become more affordable technology for everyday homeowners.

I’m always going to argue in favour of solar energy (and harnessing wind and water power), but the fact is, you have to do it right.

THE IDEAL SOLAR HOME Now, you don’t need to meet every requirement here, but it’s important to know that you’ll get good value out of your solar panels. The best home for solar panel installation is a south-facing, sloped roof, at a 45-degree pitch, usually with asphalt or metal as the roof material. While you don’t need to have this exact roof t

o be a perfect candidate for solar, it could affect the efficiency of your panels. Your roof’s orientation has a major role to play. An east or west facing roof will produce upward of 30-per-cent less solar power than a south-facing roof. In a climate that doesn’t get a lot of sun, it could make all the difference.

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