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At Solar King, we make commercial solar installation easy. We provide a single point of contact for all aspects of the project from design to implementation. Solar King listens to your company’s needs and designs a system that will use the latest and greatest technologies at the most efficient cost to save money now and well into the future.
Our project management experts will be on-site to oversee all construction and ensure quality results. Solar King’s customer service also extends beyond installation.  We offer lifetime monitoring to ensure your system is always operating at peak performance.  You can count on Solar King for your commercial solar installation. 
Call (313) 820-4526 if you have any questions on solar panels for commercial buildings!  Savings are just around the corner.


Solar King understands that not all of our interested customers are able to afford the upfront costs of commercial solar installation.  That is why we have carefully developed various partnerships with lenders and leasers to give you a variety of options to be able to successfully obtain the right commercial solar panels for your business.  Our partners include:

Michigan Saves


In addition to Solar King’s years of experience, we’ve gone through additional training to become a Michigan Saves Authorized Contractor, because we believe in going the extra mile for our customers. 


Michigan Saves works with a host of different commercial lenders that share high standards of customer service, which Solar King values.  No matter the size of your project, you can find the right lender.  Interest rates and terms may change, but some examples of financing options for Michigan Saves commercial lending partners have included:


  1. Loans with Graybar Financial Services (minimum of $5,000), with an approximate rate of 6.83% APR, terms of up to 84 months and up to 75% of loan prefunding.

  2. Loans with NEIF (minimum of $25,000), with an approximate rate of 6.5% APR, terms of up to 144 months and up to 50^ of loan prefunding.


Michigan Saves also partners with Inclusive Prosperity Capital (IPC) to provide financing solutions for commercial properties interested in unique solutions for going solar.  These include:


  1. A Solar Power Purchase Agreement, where a third-party owns and operates your solar system.

  2. A Catalyst Term Loan, which provides unsecured financing for new construction and renovation project including renewable energy improvements.


For more information on Michigan Saves’ partnership with IPC, go to


For more information, visit our Financing Solar Panels page.


Sunlight Financial

Solar King partners with Sunlight Financial to offer best-in-class technology and deep credit expertise that simplifies and streamlines consumer financing. Through our partnership, we are able to quickly and easily provide our customers with access to additional financing options.

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