1. You can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.

Electricity costs can make up a large part of your monthly expenses, and they are pretty consistent. With a home solar panel system, you will be capturing FREE energy from the sun.

2. It’s a great investment.

The amount of savings results in many customers seeing a return in as early as 6 years. 

3. Increase your property value.

Homes with solar panels are found to have higher property values and sell more quickly than their counterparts. Solar panels are also an increasing factor for homebuyers as they evaluate properties for purchase.

4. Protect the environment.

Going solar is a great option to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Protect against rising energy costs.

This is one of the important reasons many of our customers go solar. In recent years, energy prices have gone up an average of 3% annually. By choosing to install a home solar panel system, you can protect against unpredictable (or predictable!) increases in electricity costs. 



Solar King is a solar installer in Michigan that understands that not all of its interested customers are able to afford the upfront costs of home solar panel installation.  That is why Solar King has carefully developed various partnerships with lenders and leasers to give you a variety of options to be able to successfully obtain the right solar panels for your home.  Our partners include:

Michigan Saves


Solar King is considered a “Michigan Saves Authorized Contractor” under the Michigan Saves Home Energy Loan Program, allowing homeowners to finance their solar panel installation project using Solar King as their contractor. In addition to Solar King’s years of experience, Solar King went through additional training to become a Michigan Saves Authorized Contractor, because we believe in going the extra mile for our customers. 


Michigan Saves partners with authorized residential lenders to offer low-interest financing of up to $40,000.  Interest rates are subject to change but can range from 4.25% to 7.0% APR.  According to Michigan Saves, most customers finance at approximately 5.50% APR.  Solar panel financing through Michigan Saves also offers flexible terms of up to twelve years with no early prepayment penalty.


For more information, visit our Financing Solar Panels page.

Admirals Banks


Admirals Bank provides non-equity based solar financing for your eligible residential solar panels project.  There are two types of loans available through Admirals Bank: a Solar Stepdown Loan and a FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan.  The Solar Stepdown Loan has flexible terms, no prepayment penalty and doesn’t require equity or appraisals.  As an FHA approved lender, Admirals Bank is a leading national provider of the Title I Home Improvement Loan, which gives homeowners an opportunity to affordably finance home improvements, including providing solar financing for your residential solar project.

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