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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

We make solar easy by providing a single point of contact from consultation, to design, to installation and beyond with lifetime monitoring. You’ll be able to save money now for the important things in life—like your children’s college education, your retirement or that dream vacation you have always wanted.

Our mission is to design a system for you that will guard against all future electric rate increases. No more dreading opening that electric bill every month. You may even see a reduction in your stress levels!

Applications: On April 1st, Consumers Energy began accepting applications for residential and commercial solar capacity for the Experimental Advanced Renewable Program (EARP). This standard-offer contract program allows electric customers, served by Consumers Energy, to sell the output of customer-owned solar generating systems to Consumers Energy for a fixed price over the contract term – Program Closed!!! Filled to capacity.

Consumers Energy will be bringing on solar projects at a faster pace in 2015. Residential projects will be chosen monthly (instead of quarterly), while non-residential projects will be chosen every other month (instead of twice a year).

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