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Get Michigan Residential Solar Panels Now

  • Reduce your energy bill and save money now for the important things in life—like your children’s college education, your retirement, or that dream vacation you have always wanted.  

  • Solar King makes the process easy with turnkey solutions and a single point of contact from consultation to installation.

  • Our mission is to design a system for you that will guard against all future electric rate increases. No more dreading opening that electric bill every month. You may even see a reduction in your stress levels!

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DTE customers - reduce or eliminate electric bills with solar.  Let our trained staff come out to give you the info you need to make an informed decision for FREE.

CONTACT US TODAY 313.820.4526


Call (313) 820-4526 or CONTACT US today to get a FREE energy analysis and solar estimate. We can help reduce or eliminate your electric bills!


Want to stop paying those high electric bills in the few summer months when Consumers almost double your rates? Call (313) 820-4526 today to get a FREE energy analysis and solar estimate.


Take advantage of the new Federal Investment Tax Credit, now at 30%. 

This is a great time to buy and save!

CONTACT US TODAY 313.820.4526

The Solar King Promise:

Solar King is a solar panel company that was founded to help homeowners and businesses in Michigan become less dependent on their local utility providers, while also becoming more self-sustained and reducing their carbon footprint.  When it comes to solar companies in Michigan, we are your go-to turnkey solar panel company solution.


Need more information regarding Solar Panel Installation in Michigan? Have questions you'd like to ask our experts? Or ready to start saving money with solar panels? Simply fill out the form below and we will be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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