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Why Go Solar? Because It’s The Best Choice Considering…

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Are you tired of rising electricity bills? Then solar power might be the best choice.  There’s more than just a few benefits with choosing solar though.  You’re helping to save the environment by cutting down use of grid electricity. You also save money on the mounting energy costs that compound every year – just to name a few obvious benefits.  But if you’re wondering why you should go solar then the answer is simple: It’s the cheaper and the better option. But may want to understand all the benefits before making a decision so keep reading to learn the pro’s of why you should go solar.

Save on Electric Bills

This is by far the most straightforward benefit of having solar energy system. Whether you lease or buy, your electricity costs will drop to the floor and you’ll have extra money in your pocket each month.  And since SunPower units are built to last, you stand to save on your electric bills for the 25-40 year life cycle of your solar unit.  Utility companies increase their rates every year due to inflation which means we can logically conclude that their rates will be enormous 25 years from now.  PG&E, for example, increases their rates 6% each year. So you not only save on your bills right now, but you don’t have to deal with paying 6% more each year either.  The higher the electricity rates in your area, the more you save since the energy from your local grid serves only as a backup.

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