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The Ultimate Overland Solar-Power Setup

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Are you intimidated by the cost and complexity of installing solar power on your truck, van, or camper? I know I was, but with a little help from my friends at Go Fast Campers, I think I’ve figured out a solution that’s surprisingly cheap, extremely effective, and easy to install.

Why Solar?

Your vehicle provides power while it’s running. Most new vehicles give you both 12-volt DC and 110-volt AC outlets, which means you can easily recharge your gadgets or run accessories, like off-road lights, an air compressor, and even a fridge, without any hassle beyond bolting those things to your rig. But all that changes once you switch your vehicle off.

In the past, the solution to power when your car was off was a dual-battery setup, in which a vehicle’s electrical functions were split into a complicated mess that was both expensive and a hassle to install. Plus, modifying the extremely complex electrical systems of modern vehicles invariably creates additional points of potential failure. By decreasing the reliability and serviceability of your rig, such setups actually compromised a vehicle’s ability to facilitate adventure.

In recent years, innovations like LED lighting, lithium-ion batteries, and battery monitors incorporated into refrige

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