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Solar-panel array planned for Wood Co. to power 40,000 homes

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

A large solar-panel field that would provide enough solar energy to power 40,000 homes is being planned for Wood County, and it could be up-and-running by 2022.

That’s according to Wood County Board chair Doug Machon, who says Kansas-based solar power development company ‘Savion’ has already purchased land in southern Wood County, including extra land that would act as a visual buffer.

“The footprint for the actual solar array itself will be 1,200 acres, but there would be a tree buffer around about 90 percent of the area. So, there is not going to be a real visual impact in this development.

The developers estimate the economic impact of the solar power project is worth about $21-million to the area over the 35-year life of the solar-panels.  That money would come to the county and township in lieu of taxes, because it’s a ‘utility-scale’ operation.

“Because this is a utility-scale array, they pay a fee to the state. From that fee, the state gives back to the local municipalities a certain amount of money determined by the production of electricity,” Machon explained.  “Immediate impact to the county is about $350,000 a year – it’s worth about $250,000 annually to the township.”

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