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Solar King is proud to provide Okemos Solar Racing Club 295 Watt Solar Panels

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Solar King is proud to provide the 5 solar 295 watt solar panels on the solar car for the Okemos Solar Racing Club.

The Okemos Solar Racing Club is a group of students who are passionate about renewable resources, STEM, and cars. We understand that the world has a finite amount of natural resources, including fossil fuels. That’s why our club is determined to build a car to compete in the 2019 Solar Car Challenge against high schools from across the country. Next summer, we will race at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth with only our solar panels and a single charge of our lead-acid battery.

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Quick Car Information

  1. Maximum car dimensions  5m x 1.8m

  2. Maximum of a 19%  solar cell efficiency

  3. Cars must use lead acid batteries

  4. Cars must go through scrutineering process before being deemed road worthy by event organizers

  5. Cars are given 30 day temporary Texas plate for competition

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