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Off the grid solar: Local couple goes with solar power for new home

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

A short distance from Highway 64 near Rosman, Sid and Sheila Gillespie’s new home stands on a low ridge, surrounded on all sides by hardwood trees.

Now nearing completion, the modest cottage-style single level house is unusual in one major way: It’s totally off the power grid. This wasn’t what the Gillespies had originally planned, but they’re happy that their contractor, Jacob Dinkins, suggested the idea.

“Building an off-grid home is always a great option, but for the Gillespies it was their only option,” said Dinkins, co-owner of the Brevard-based Bracken Mountain Builders.

When the Gillespies started looking into building on the eight acres Sid had inherited from his father, they learned that it would be cost-prohibitive to have the utility company bring electrical service to the house. The nearest route, from Highway 64, was less expensive, but involved a complicated right-of-way issue.

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