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Envelope Solar Panels Power Netflix’s Office of the Future

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

When talking solar power, you’re likely to image solar panels on the roof of a building, parking structure or carport. But the latest technology in solar power now allows for panels to be integrated into a building’s envelope to generate renewable energy.

Los Angeles’ first commercial building to implement solar-generated technology into a building’s façade can be seen on Sunset Boulevard. Designed by Gensler and developed by Hudson Pacific Properties, the building, named EPIC, comprises 13 stories of creative office space, and will be the home of streaming giant Netflix starting late spring 2020.

Along with a solar-powered envelope, EPIC also features 25,000 square feet of communal outdoor space, a landing pad and mailroom for drones and electric car charging stations.

“We wanted it to be technically superior to other buildings in the market – and to make it one of the more energy efficient properties in the market,” says Chris Barton, executive vice president of development and capital investments for Hudson Pacific Properties.

Solar-Powered Envelope

Barton says when considering solar power for the building, the roof offered limited opportunity. It had already allotted space for an amenity area, the drone landing pad and mailroom, as well as mechanical equipment needed to operate the building. “The footprint just wasn’t big enough,” Barton explains.

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